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“As a colleague of Kevin’s for the past 11 years, I have seen his “seminar” class grow from a vague job description to the creative and engaging K12 Capstone process that it is today. One way Kevin has continued to develop this class is through community involvement, and I can say firsthand that the growth of the class and curriculum has positively impacted my relationships with both students and fellow teachers. Being a part of “Letter of Intent” meetings has allowed me to see a side of students that I do not always get to see in the classroom. Students approach the meetings with a passion and preparedness usually reserved for first job interviews. Mentoring student projects has also been a unique way to see students of all ability levels grow both academically and personally. I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with all types of students through the years, and many times, learning right along with them. Less obviously, but equally important, is the effect Kevin’s curriculum has had on my relationship with other colleagues. Through the years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with current and retired teachers, building principals, and superintendents as we use our strengths both in and outside content areas to bring passion and energy to student projects. I’ve seen our middle school history teacher help ref a student-led 3v3 tournament, our high school science teacher essentially instruct an 8th grader on AP Bio-level genetics, our superintendent and his family run a 5K organized by students, and our reading specialist use her passion for anime to guide a student through her project about fandoms. K12 Capstone goes beyond the classroom walls to bring community into student-learning, and any school would be lucky to be a part of that transformation.”

-A. Harkensee

-Middle School Teacher