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“Kevin Luedtke served as a conference presenter over multiple years at our Student Teacher Development Conference, and his presentations that supported pre-service teachers were timely, interactive, and relevant to their career development. What I really appreciated about his involvement as a presenter was that he was not only highly skilled in his pedagogy, but he was authentic, and it really showed through. He consistently received some of the most positive feedback from our participants, which included high school students and college students. Some of this feedback included comments such as “Loved your presentations! Took a lot of fun tricks and also concepts from it!” “Great speaker, very hands-on and engaging!” “What an eye opener. Really gave insights into authentic learning. Thank you!” Our planning committee could not have been happier to have had him as a speaker and presenter. If you want a speaker or presenter that is authentic, highly skilled, engaging, and exceptionally relatable, Kevin is the right person for the job.”

-D. Yang 

Students Teacher Development Conference Coordinator