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“Being allowed to take control of what you’re learning at a young age is extremely empowering. It gives you a chance to explore a topic that means something to you as an individual. When you’re in middle school, your world hasn’t really started to grow yet. Everything, from your friendships to the activities you partake in, tend to blossom within the walls of your school. When completing the K12 Capstone project myself, nearly eight years ago, I created a project that was able to grow beyond my little school system and branch out into the community. I got to watch those around me become just as excited and interested in what I was learning as I was.
I remember my eyes lighting up and my brain running nearly a mile a minute as each class period sparked a new idea. I searched for a topic, with guidance from Mr. Luedtke, until I found one that would allow me to prove myself as a strong student. After approval, I ran with it. I took my project and put my little eighth grade heart and soul into it. Then getting to turn around and share everything I worked so hard on throughout the semester left my heart feeling, what a professor of mine has always called, “full.”
I will be graduating from college this upcoming Spring, putting a neat end to my education thus far, and I have to admit that I haven’t had quite as much of a unique experience as I did in eighth grade. When I look back and see how far the K12 Capstone project has grown I couldn’t be more proud of Mr. Luedtke. He has truly put everything into this project, and all that hard work has led to what is now an absolute gem of a program that unites a school system with the community. It truly bridges the gap between a student’s passion and their education, resulting in what is often something quite incredible.”
E. Habich
Former Student