“As a colleague of Kevin’s for the past 11 years, I have seen his “seminar” class grow from a vague job description to the creative and engaging K12 Capstone process that it is today. One way Kevin has continued to develop this class is through community involvement, and I can say firsthand that the growth […]

Conference Coordinator

“Kevin Luedtke served as a conference presenter over multiple years at our Student Teacher Development Conference, and his presentations that supported pre-service teachers were timely, interactive, and relevant to their career development. What I really appreciated about his involvement as a presenter was that he was not only highly skilled in his pedagogy, but he […]

Former Student

“Being allowed to take control of what you’re learning at a young age is extremely empowering. It gives you a chance to explore a topic that means something to you as an individual. When you’re in middle school, your world hasn’t really started to grow yet. Everything, from your friendships to the activities you partake […]