Standard Package

With our Standard Package, students will have the opportunity to experience the K12 Capstone inquiry based curriculum, while teachers will have the support of a teacher presentation, which they can present to guardians, and parents.  Along with the curriculum and presentation, the Standard Package includes nine screencasts which go “behind the scenes” of the curriculum, giving detailed explanations of how the curriculum could be used in the classroom. 

K12 Capstone resource kit

– Over 50 electronic documents totaling 100 plus pages
– Ability to electronically distribute K12 Capstone resource kits to each student
– Documents divided into nine electronic folders for optimal organization and ease of use

  1. Introduction, due dates and tips
  2. Planning, Brainstorming and Organizing
  3. Letter of Intent
  4. Mentor Information
  5. Scholarship Writing/Funding K12 Capstone Experience
  6. Standards, Benchmarks, Learning Targets and Rubrics
  7. Technology
  8. Flipped Classroom Mini Lessons
  9. Final Thoughts

– Schools and teachers are given editing rights to their resource kits to best fit the K12 Capstone experience to their school’s visions.

Teacher presentation

– A Google slide presentation which can be used for parent/guardian informational meetings

Nine “how to” screencasts

– Unlimited access to nine screencasts broken down by curriculum folder
– Combined length of time for nine screencasts exceeds one hour

Price: $499.99

Sample Curriculum Pages, Click to View Full Size