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Flip the script. Empower students to write their own assessments, rubrics and benchmarks based off of 21st Century skills, ACP goals and Common Core Standards. K12 Capstone is a unique curriculum designed to focus individual or small group student thinking onto self selected topics. This idea of student choice is an important aspect of learning that is often missing in our schools. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to direct their own learning, as they research something they have wondered about, wanted to learn more about, or have a passion for. With K12 Capstone, students develop a framework for their learning using Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide, students prepare and present a letter of intent to staff members for approval, and align themselves with an adult mentor who will help in the journey by offering guiding questions and support along the way. K12 Capstone. Flipped script? Or script rewritten?

K12 Capstone Overview

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“As a colleague of Kevin’s for the past 11 years, I have seen his “seminar” class grow from a vague job description to the creative and engaging K12 Capstone process that it is today. One way Kevin has continued to develop this class is through community involvement, and I can say firsthand that the growth of the class and curriculum has positively impacted my relationships with both students and fellow teachers.
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-A. Harkensee
Middle School Teacher

“...What I really appreciated about his involvement as a presenter was that he was not only highly skilled in his pedagogy, but he was authentic, and it really showed through. He consistently received some of the most positive feedback from our participants, which included high school students and college students. Some of this feedback included comments such as “Loved your presentations! Took a lot of fun tricks and also concepts from it!...”
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-D. Yang
Teacher Development Conference Coordinator

“Being allowed to take control of what you're learning at a young age is extremely empowering. It gives you a chance to explore a topic that means something to you as an individual. When you're in middle school, your world hasn't really started to grow yet. Everything, from your friendships to the activities you partake in, tend to blossom within the walls of your school. When completing the K12 Capstone project myself, nearly eight years ago, I created a project that was able to grow beyond my little school system and branch out into the community. I got to watch those around me become just as excited and interested in what I was learning."
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-E. Habich
Former Student
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